Thursday, May 24, 2018

MetroPop Issue 608:「空少的環球私房料理」新派摩洛哥素食

謝 MetroPop 的專訪 — 報導今晚見報了,在各大地鐵站免費派發,記得收工時攞番份喇!(Issue 608: 2018年5月17日)
人愛旅遊,總是對可以「周圍飛」的空中服務員投以羨慕眼光。職業為空少的 Alvin 卻告訴你,機上的空中服務員每分每秒也在作戰狀態。熱愛下廚的他,會乘工作之便,到別國拜訪地道餐廳、參與烹飪課、購買新鮮食材,好讓他回家後可藉美食沉澱思緒,逃離工作的繃緊。」
Thank you MetroPop for a special 5-page feature on the weekly publication, available now online and distributed at all major metro stations (Issue 608: 15 May 2018) - sharing the dreams, story, and passion of Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen - and a special Moroccan fusion & vegetarian tasting menu inspired by my recent travels in Marrakech!

 採訪當日,「Alvin 特意示範一系列的摩洛哥素食 small plates(小盤料理),並運用到他從摩洛哥購來的香料及食具。菜式包括紅菜頭香橙沙律 (Orange Beetroot Salad)、火燒茄子配摩洛哥醬 (Charred Baby Aubergine with Chermoula)、摩洛哥風味烤椰菜花配香草古斯米 (Ras el Hanout Roasted Cauliflower with Herbed Couscous) 及無花果拌橙花花香乳酪 (Orange Blossom Yogurt with Figs and Pistachio)。」

A taste of Morocco: a vegetarian feast bursting in bold flavors, colors, and fragrances from exotic spices

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撰文:Tracy     攝影:Franky | Alvin

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