Friday, October 16, 2015

One more night to go... See you all tomorrow!

Desserts & Sweets Charity Food Fair @ CXC | 11-2pm | Oct 16

It has been a very busy two months at the Penthouse Kitchen (excuse my absence from posting much) prepping and planning for the Desserts & Sweets Charity Food Fair event that is to take place tomorrow at work. All proceeds will go to Sunnyside Club that supports mentally and physically disabled children in Hong Kong.

I have recruited dear friend Kylie who kept me sane and became a very deft kitchen "dance partner" as we flitted about the cramped and narrow kitchen space. All our efforts culminated these two days with the oven running round the clock, churning out batch after batch of scones that filled my entire penthouse with heavenly, buttery, exotic aromas.
My biggest thank you to Kylie, my unconditionally cheerful partner in crime that kept both us going!

Find out the FIVE FLAVORS featured tomorrow and bag some home!
Cheddar Apple Rosemary is apparently Kylie's favorite
Hundreds... and another hundred more to go

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

See you all Oct 16!!

Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen is gearing up for next Friday's charity fundraiser for Sunnyside Club for physically/mentally challenged children in Hong Kong @ Cathay Pacific City! Come & show your support Oct 16! Stay tuned for more details to come!! :)))