Friday, June 23, 2017

Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen out on the paper! | 23-6-2017《經濟日報》C3

【Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen 空少私房菜】上左報紙呀!
Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen 空少私房菜 】is on the paper! On June 23, 2017, the Hong Kong Economic Times published an article on the Health and Lifestyle column featuring a foolproof, nutritious recipe from Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen that would suit a growing appetite amongst the public for fuss-free healthful eating.

See the video here:

This project was a joint collaboration between Bosch and Hong Kong Economic Times, and it was an absolute privilege to have been given this precious opportunity and to be featured side by side with fellow colleague and home cook May Chu!

The assignment? Share your story and lifestyle and come up with a recipe that would make use of either the Bosch built-in oven or the steam oven. Being a full-time flight attendant who regularly clocks up up to a hundred active flying hours a month, I, like many of my comrades across the industry, suffer from a rather messed up body clock and diet. When off work, it is important to nurture the body which is consistently strained to its limits. So, at home, I find solace and comfort in cooking simple and healthful recipes (sometimes with prized ingredients acquired from overseas). Whether you fly, get tied to a desk all day, or party all night,  I hope that you will join me in for some simple, tasty home cooking!