The Penthouse Kitchen Story

"I live on my own. I am on a tight budget. I work hard to make ends meet. When back from work, I am too exhausted to cook". Sounds familiar? 


Yet, unlike many single live-alone souls out there, I will never be caught dead ordering takeaway or delivery. Because I always believe that food is so much healthier and even tastier when you cook and even grow it yourself. It also goes lighter on your pocket.

Several years ago, I struck an extraordinary deal and moved into a penthouse on the sixtieth floor in the outskirts of Hong Kong, overlooking breathtaking expanses of uninhabited mountains and amidst ever-changing skies. 

In a severely land-stricken city that is Hong Kong where real estate unabashedly boasts an astronomical price tag, I consider myself extremely lucky to have a functional kitchen, even a rooftop where I grow my own herbs garden. These wonderful assets, coupled with the lack of dining options nearby, have helped kindled my growing passion in cooking and feeding myself at home.

As a full-time flight attendent, I spend over half of my time jetsetting around the planet. The biggest perks of my job? Seeing the world and experiencing diverse cultures, tasting local cuisines, visiting street markets, and getting my hands on the freshest seasonal local produce. The downside? I always come home crawling, head spinning, spent and jet lagged, my body aching for nourishment and restoration.

My beloved penthouse, where skies meet mountains
Therefore, when at home, I enjoy taking the control in my own hands, making the most of my latest grocery acquisitions from overseas and relying on my well-stocked pantry.

Friends always ask me, "so what is your signature dish?" I'm afraid my answer to that is, "creating an awesome meal out of what you already have in the pantry and fridge!"

This blog, named after my sky-high kitchen, is a culinary journal where I document and share my cooking discoveries, experimental triumphs, and creations. It is a "recipe book" that, come those days when I stare blankly at my pantry, I could easily go back and refer to for quick ideas. Nothing fancy, nothing fussy, just honest, budget-friendly food made at home.

My rooftop garden at its peak, summer 2014
Most importantly, I hope that this blog could inspire YOU - ordinary home cooks just like me, or anyone who are striking out on their own (perhaps with a small family in tow) - to say goodbye to greasy take-outs, microwave dinners, instant noodles, and highly processed foods - to enjoy food fresh, made from scratch.

Last but not least, I always love to hear from you - your feedback, comments, your quirky ideas to better the recipes - to share on my blog under "Post a Comment" or on my Facebook Fan Page.

Happy Cooking, everyone!
Alvin (edited, Mar 2016)

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