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This is where I put together, bit by bit, the media and press events in which Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen has had over the years the precious opportunity and honor of participating and featuring. I always believe that hard work, determination and - most importantly - passion, are essential ingredients to success and personal fulfillment (well, perhaps a sprinkling of luck would always help!). I am grateful and humbled for every opportunity that has come my way. My biggest thanks to each and every reader for being part of Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen's journey, and to those who have always cheered me on when I don't even believe in myself. 



23 Jun: 《Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen》out on the Hong Kong Economic Times 經濟日報 !

 More coming soon...! 

Please bear with me as I progressively update this page in between cooking, working, sleeping (barely), and breathing. It's a working progress!  For most up-to-date news, please follow Alvin's Penthouse Kitchen's Facebook Fan Page and follow me on Instagram @alvinckl and @alvin.penthousekitchen!
Happy cooking, everyone.
- Alvin

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