Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ski, Eat, Drink | Hokkaido

"Power ranging" on the summit of Mt. Isola!!
Long time no see! Since my last entry I have celebrated my birthday and been away skiing in Hokkaido and eating away in Osaka, Japan, effectively putting on a couple of kilos in as short as one week. Skiing for four consecutive days and burning my quads and back muscles seemed to have little effect on counterbalancing the noticeable bump that formed around my midsection. Why, blame it on the scrumptious all-you-can-eats (a.k.a. suicide traps), daily overdose of Japanese alcohol, and the diverse, ever-pleasing seasonal Japanese cuisine. We even stashed miniature bottles of Taketsuru (竹鶴) Pure Malt 17 years in our pockets to refuel on the slopes... seriously. Black Diamond? Piece of cake.

Paying respect to the Founder of Japanese Whiskey and sampling vintage whiskeys at the Nikka Whiskey Distillery, Yoichi (市), Hokkaido

The epitome of freshness and indulgence: sashimi don and the sweetest, melt-in-your-mouth uni sashimi... this is what bliss is  

(From left) Hokkaido-style curry; guilt-laden premium pork belly morsels heading to the grill; irresistable Hokkaido-style cheesecake that we paired with whiskey

Returning to home, "overweight" and misshaped just like my luggages, I vowed to get back in shape and stay away from any sorts of buffets until further notice and adopt a strict, healthy diet to my best ability when at home. So stay tuned for some exciting, low-carb recipes to come soon!

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