Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer Peach and Muesli Yoghurt Parfait

If you ask me what I look forward to most about summer, I would answer without a second thought - the arrival of stone fruits. Take peach as an example. These fuzzy, fragrant, fragile (alliteration!) blushing beauties are as dainty as they are sweet and juicy, so much so that I would relish every bite, every last drop of its nectar, every time.

The seasonality of these precious fruits no doubt adds to their exclusivity. As the peach season draws to a close in North America, I was resolute in carrying home a crate of peaches and nectarines from New York. With summer still blasting at its peak in Hong Kong in spite of last week's Mid-Autumn Festival, it is only fitting to celebrate the delicious fruit with a refreshing, cooling, and guilt-free dessert.

Unlike traditional parfaits using ice-cream and granola that is high in sugar and fat, I use yoghurt and Australian wholegrain rolled oats and bran muesli that comes with a medley of nutritious seeds and dried fruits. I also sprinkled in fresh ground flaxseeds and chia seeds for good measure. Call this "parfait goes healthy". Who says desserts are always bad for you?

To prepare...
1-2 peaches, sliced or cubed
Peach yoghurt, or plain yoghurt
Muesli, with any mixture of nuts and dried fruits
Ground flaxseeds
Chia seeds

Making a parfait is so simple there really is no need for a recipe. Pile on the juicy peach, muesli, seeds, and yoghurt in alternating layers. The result is a work of wonder that is simply irresistable on hot summer days... and perfect for breakfast (it will keep you full and kicking till lunch time)!

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  1. So I sneaked into my neighbor's rooftop to do this 'photoshoot' (shhhhh...). It was 34 degrees Celcius up there under the blistering sun. I thought I was gonna melt before the parfait does. And I had to keep my paws off of the parfait until I got the perfect shot!